Gonzo Gates

Who is Gonzo Gates? I started out on Hits 95.9 hosting a weekly radio show dedicated the ’80s called the ’80s Time Warp with Gonzo Gates on Saturday mornings! That was going on four years ago; fast forward to today and now I host a nightly get together called Gonzo Gates After Dark from 7pm til midnight. When I’m not doing that you can often find me on one of the many local golf courses like Top of the World (tremendous views from up there), Cronin’s or Hiland. Or on a really good day you might find me in the Poker Room of Turning Stone Casino. I have had the pleasure of living here my entire life and truly do enjoy living in this area; mostly for its close proximity to places like New York City, Boston, or Montreal and yet still maintains its “small town” feel. I am known to hop in my car and drive aimlessly ending up in a myriad of “local” destinations (yes, even with the price of gas) including Cooperstown, West Point, Lake Placid, or even Vermont (yes kids there’s more to Vermont than just cows).

Favorite Movies: Like our own John Pratt I, too am a huge fan of the Star Wars movies (in fact I only know of Xanadu thanks to the fact it was one of the trailers for Empire). But UNLIKE John I liked the EWOKS! I have always loved the movie Goodfellas, and any time I really need a good laugh the Birdcage always hits the spot!

Favorite TV Shows: Unfortunately I don’t watch a lot of tv (except my vast array of DVDs). Some of my favorite all time tv shows will always be Cheers, Fraiser, Home Improvement, NCIS, CSI (Las Vegas please the rest are just wannabes), Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and my all time favorite The West Wing.

Favorite Concert: Without question Peter Gabriel, June 2011. I knew some people who sat near me and had seen him two or three times and they said that THAT concert was undoubtedly the best they had seen! That said I will say I’m not a big fan of concerts in general, but I really would have loved to seen Pink Floyd do The Wall back in the day!

It’s a little known fact: I am a huge NEIL DIAMOND fan (I can thank my father for this he took me to see the Jazz Singer at the movies and I was hooked). He is also a concert exception to the rule; I’ve seen him three times in concert…Despite getting up there he still puts on a show! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a seating row of NUNS getting up and shaking their groove thing!

Make sure you tune in weeknights from 7 to midnight for Gonzo Gates After Dark for you daily dose of nighttime hijinks or for the best music and memories of the decade of decadence join me on the rollercoaster ride that is the ’80s Time Warp, Saturday Mornings from 9-11!