Jenny Lewis


Interests: Going to concerts, hiking, last minute road trips, mini golfing and of course listening to HITS 95.9.

Favorite Concerts: Hhmmmm this one is a toughie. I’d probably have to say either The Black Keys with Cage the Elephant or OK Go.

Favorite Movies: Snatch, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Anchorman, The Dark Knight and WALL-E.

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Breaking Bad, Futurama, Lost and Arrested Development

Favorite Sites: Reddit, Facebook and

Favorite Food: Potato skins and cookie dough. Seriously, if I had to live off of only those two foods, I’d be ok with it.

Favorite Games: Left 4 Dead, Halo Reach, Mortal Kombat, Rock Band and Dance Central

Nicknames: Jenny, Jenellephant and Debbie (long story)

Hey guys! You can catch me every weekday from 10-1pm. Join me for the All Request Lunch hour from noon to one where I’ll be playing all of your requests and a few of my own as well. I love hearing what songs you want me to play. The variety is awesome! I get requests for everything, from Alice in Chains to Miley Cyrus. Sometimes you even request a song that I used to love but forgot all about and I’m always grateful for the reminder. So don’t be shy! The request line is 743-9500.