John Pratt


What I Do: When I’m not playing radio guy every weekday afternoon from 1p-7p on Hits 95.9, you can find me on South Street or on Glen Lake or many other places singing with my band The Kings of Stupid Mountain, out riding Big Bertha(that’s my motorcycle… yes she has a name!) all over Warren and Washington Counties. Going north from Glens Falls into the Lake George-Warrensburg area has many great views of the Adirondacks, and going into Washington county towns like Whitehall, Argyle, and Hartford you can get some pretty awesome views of Vermont and the Green Mountains on the motorcycle! Walking with my wife and our two dogs Abby and Rosco, with our favorite place to take them being the Betar Byway in South Glens Falls and Hovey Pond in Queensbury. Plus during the Fall and Winter sports seasons you can find me doing play by play football, basketball, and hockey with my broadcast partner and good friend Ken Leccese on our sister station Talk 1450 WWSC.

Favorite Movies: The Godfather Trilogy (yes I even liked part 3 even though it was critically panned ) The SAW series(although people think I’m twisted cause I usually laugh out loud during the really gory parts!) Star Wars films(but just the live action ones, the animated ones don’t count) with Revenge of the Sith being my favorite edging out Return of the Jedi only because I HATE EWOKS!!!)

Favorite TV Shows: Now this is a hard question cause there are so many shows that I like, but the ones I just DON’T miss are, Hell’s Kitchen, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Once Upon a Time, Boardwalk Empire, Spartacus, and True Blood.

Favorite Apps: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds in Space(but I can’t stand Angry Birds RIO) FML, Solitaire, and LOLcats, and I almost forgot The Guitar Tuner app.

Favorite Concert: KISS in Saratoga last year ranks right up there, but it has to be the 1st one I ever went to. It was at the Glens Falls Civic Center that had Britney Foxx and Lita Ford opening for Poison! I was about 13 at the time and it was AWESOME!!!!

Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos, Adirondack Phantoms, Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Bulls, and Atlanta Braves. And even though I know it’s fake my favorite wrestlers were (cause I don’t watch it anymore) Ric Flair and Triple H.

Favorite Fact About Me Most People Don’t Know: I’m a voracious reader, I, on average, go through a book about every 10-12 days. My favorite series are Star Wars(but only the ones that take place AFTER Return of the Jedi, and there are around 75 of those and I’ve read them ALL) The Southern Vampire Mysteries (they are the series of books that the HBO show TRUE BLOOD is based on and, as good as True Blood is, the books are so much better!!) Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, and the Women of the Otherworld series by Kellie Armstrong(my wife got me hooked on those, plus they have some really cool creatures like werewolves, vampires, witches, shamans, and necromancers.)

Make sure you join me weekday afternoons from 1p-7p on Hits 95.9! I’ll have plenty of fun stuff like stupid people in the news, Hollywood snippets, and The All Request 5:00 Free Ride! Plus I’m always taking requests, hit me up at 743-9500!